Thursday, 2 May 2019

Winter and Sea

One of the advantages of having a workroom in a spare bedroom is that you can roll out of bed and start to fiddle. On the other hand it can get to 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you realise you haven’t got dressed yet and there’s printing ink all the way down the front of your dressing gown. 

This weekend I managed to finish two little books that should have been simple but for some reason I really struggled with.

The first one was in reponse to ‘Sea', the NWBA theme for the last two months’.  I decided to experiment using some small bottles (4cm tall) that I had in order to make 'A message in a bottle'.

Inside the bottle is a gelli printed strip of fabric with text on both sides.

One side has the romantic notion of being shipwrecked
 and the other what I suspect is closer to reality. 

I had been intending to make an edition of these little bottles for sale at a low price at the Manchester Book Fair but struggled with them.  I have finally ended up with four, all made slightly differently. They won’t be going to the Book Fair but I’ve learned a lot from making them.

I’m pleased with the shell and beadwork but this was so fiddly and time consuming that it isn’t an option for a low cost edition. Also I’m not happy with the text. Gum arabic transfer wouldn’t play and I don’t like the feel of the inkjet iron on transfer paper that I eventually used.

 I’ll probably come back to the idea and see what I can do with it in a couple of months.

The second book is the second in the Woodland series, also for a NWBA project. It also took disproportionately too much time from idea to finishing. Again that was down to time spent trying to get the right print method for the image and then making it work together with the text. Lots of learning and experimenting ended up in a very simple and small edition.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Asemic writing

 It is finally done, printed, bound and wrapped ready for the post.

On another note at the North West Book Artists meeting we had a workshop on eco printing using plants. I am inspired I know what I can do now with all those vicious nettles that I spent the summer pulling out of the allotment.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

A shoal of books

It’s been a couple of weeks of trying move several things further on.

The asemic writing books now have covers waiting for the text to be put in and the labels to be stuck on,

I’ve written the text for ‘Winter’, the next book in the NWBG series responding to woodland

and I’ve finished ‘Blake’s Book’ at last. It was an awful lot of printing and experimenting for an edition of four but I’m finally happy with it.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Busy Weekend

It has been a busy few days with progress on several projects.

On Friday I printed the plate for the asemic writing book.  It worked much better than I thought it would. Now all I have to do is come up with covers for it.
On Saturday I led a workshop at the NWBA meeting. We made blizzard books based on the new Hedi Kyle book. This is ‘the one I made earlier’ as an example.
And over the weekend I finished the “’Reflections’ book (although not in time for the meeting).
To cover the boards that make up the pages I was going to make gelli prints with semi transparent colours over the top of printouts of dictionary definitions. But I made a discovery. When I smoothed the print on top of the paint I realised that it had taken paint off where the paper surface touched the plate but had left the text behind. This successfully printed off onto another piece of paper. (I’ve since read about the process on the internet but I hadn’t heard about it before). So I decided to make gelli printed text instead.
 I mounted the prints onto equilateral triangles of mount board
 and added mirrors and used a wire edge binding technique to assemble the book structure.

I must admit I’m rather pleased with it.