Monday, 20 January 2020

Covers and Text

I've reprinted the collagraph in a single colour ready to be cut up for the covers for the edition.
And I've also made a start on printing the text onto tissue paper. This isn't working as easily as I'd hoped. I'm struggling with consistency. I think the problem is trying to get a clear, strong print onto dry paper. Unfortunately I'm having to use tissue paper (which I can't dampen) as I need the transparency for when I stick it onto the collagraphed book pages.
Whilst I'm pondering this problem (aka sulking) I've been playing with flexagons and Jacob's ladders for the North West Artists Book group theme. This time it's'Hidden'

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Viscosity Printing

I finally managed to get to Salford on Friday. It was cold at Hot Bed Press but I printed nine viscosity prints before the block looked as though it was softening up. I decided that was enough for the edition because I need the block to survive long enough for me to get a couple of straightforward intaglio prints from it to use for the cover images.

Hopefully I can do that, and the text, next Friday.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Test Printing

I made a test plate to experiment with textures, inking and adding text.

I've used gum Arabic transfer to add the text. As I'm just playing I've used text I had left over from other projects.

I like the three colours of the viscosity inking (it really works for the colour of the sandstone) and I think I'm going to add the text as chine colle so that I still get some colour and texture behind it

Tuesday, 31 December 2019


I've got further forward with this book for the Collaborative Book Artists swop.
Now I need to work out how to print it.

Here's wishing everyone a peaceful, safe, happy, and creative New Year

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Trying Instagram

I've blogged less than I'd have liked this past few months so I thought I'd try Instagram to see if it's less faff for quick posts. So far I'm not convinced but I'll try for a bit longer.
Here's the photo of the second set of mockups working through ideas for a book swop. The theme is architecture. (The first ideas I had worked fine in my head but not in reality) Good job it's not due until the end of January!

Monday, 23 December 2019

Merry Christmas

My brother sent me some family photos that he had scanned from slides including this festive one from sometime in the 60’s. (I don’t think Father Christmas sent stabilisers so I’m using the aforesaid brother instead) 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and safe New Year

Friday, 6 December 2019

Book Art and Print Fair

Panto went well and I finished editioning in time for the Manchester Book Art and Print Fair (which is why there haven’t been many posts recently). 

I was going to be sharing a stall with Marilyn but when we arrived there were a couple of drop outs and I got my own stall. Good job I took the Gentleman Jim Puppets, they filled up some space.

It was very cold at Hot Bed Studio and the weather outside wasn’t great but there were a fair number of people through and I sold enough to cover the cost of the stall plus a bit. Not bad for a first try!
I think I’ll give it a go at the Liverpool Book Fair in Summer

Saturday, 9 November 2019

More monoprint

I’ve been exploring different ways of applying colour and overprinting with drypoint. Some of the colours are a bit off but I’m enjoying the textures.
This line of enquiry will probably have to take a back seat for a few weeks because I’ve got part of a stall at the Manchester Artists Book and Print Fair on December 1st and while I’ve got several books I’d like to take, unfortunately, I haven’t actually assembled more than one or two copies of them. Some making and editioning needs to take place fast. Good job it’s also panto at the end of the month.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

More Monoprints

I would say I don’t know where the time goes but on reflection panto scenery and publicity stuff, helping to set up the Art Society exhibition and life in general have meant that creating and blogging have slowed down over the past few weeks. But I have managed a bit more monoprinting.

With drypoint (This is the gatehouse at Lyham Hall)

And with gum arabic.
If I can get enough good ones printed in time I’m hoping to make an edition of these for the Manchester Book Fair. At the moment I’m managing about one in three.