Friday, 21 June 2013

Back to the book

I’ve been working on the ruined village book structure, mainly thumbnails working out where the doors and windows should go and what is going to be inside the ‘rooms’. I don’t want to make a model so it doesn’t have to work architecturally. I’m trying to get the feel of a maze of interconnecting streets.

I initially thought I’d make it circular but without a front and back cover (so you can just go round and round) but this means you can’t have the corners of the rooms and streets all open at 90 degrees at the same time.  I’ve been playing at placing the folded sheets together in different combinations but these are more difficult to fold down into one structure. 

Think I’ll start the painting for the separate pages and work the rest out as I go along.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Finishing off

It’s been a week of finishing things off. The prints for Lesley’s exchange have now reached their destinations. Here is my contribution.  It is an etching. The plate is aluminium etched in copper sulphate using a mixture of traditional and ‘green’ grounds.

It looks a bit drab next to the colour of all the others. (Gina has posted the full set on her blog.)

I’ve also finished the first alphabet for ALAW. I’ve used a simple Japanese stab binding to hold the pages together.