Friday, 17 August 2012


I'm on a roll with paper-making. Another batch of 'Pringles' done. Its quite therapeutic.

   And I've been considering the structure of this book. I want to reflect the way the seed pods hang. As I was playing with this it struck me that singly they are reminiscent of lockets. Again somewhere where memories are stored.

I've tried hanging them singly, doubled and sewn together. I'll probably include a mixture of all three depending on the imagery that I use.

 I want to keep the whole of the structure quite simple. So far they are on a dowel sticking out of my shelving. I'll let this simmer and see what develops


  1. Love your sharing of the 'eureka' moments Jac, like the plant pods looking like lockets. This is coming together as a fabulous book. Oh I'm so pleased I'm in Group 10!

  2. This looks interesting...I like the way you are sharing your experimentation.


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