Sunday, 4 May 2014

Clearer image

I’ve developed the drawings into two monochromatic paintings.
And I’ve joined them in Photoshop.
I’m still not sure how they’ll develop into the book. This image will give me a book with 4 valleys which means it needs to be 84 cm long. This is far too long for my press but I don’t want to create a set of separate plates. I don’t want to see the joins and I’m not at all confident that I could make and print them seamlessly.

I’ll think about it a bit longer


  1. I wish you well Jac - I have no idea how it can be done and look forward to your resolution! The paintings look lovely and they have joined together beautifully. So good to see somebody who has mastered the traditional and the digital...

    1. I have decided, on the basis of having made 22 tiny alphabet prints, that the obvious solution was is use a 25x20cm gelliplate to create a set of 84 cm long monoprints.
      Think this may be a longer work in progress than I thought when I signed up for the edition

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