Sunday, 25 January 2015

Not so new subject matter

When I draw or paint I keep being pulled back to architectural subject matter. I especially enjoy exploring detail and decoration. It struck me that shops would make an ideal subject.

Out I went into the cold, cold snow (well actually sleet and wind) with my camera. It seemed like cheating but this weather is not fit for drawing outside.

When I started to play I found myself using holiday photos to piece together a fictional building instead. It must be a subconscious yearning for the warmth.

I'm hoping to print some drawings on a risograph machine.  I'm trying out black crayon hoping to get a lithographic feel to the marks.

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  1. It intriguing how we are pulled back to things, and then explores them afresh and anew. Your architectural sensitivity is always so lovely to observe - and to see a fictional one appear. Have fun with the next stepson printing - I will be watching with interest!


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