Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Final stages

The prints are out of the pressing boards and are hanging to make sure they are completely dry.

I’ve been experimenting with making book cloth to for the covers.
I chose plain linen. The colour works well with both the first print and the ghost print from each inking. I’m making small pieces of cloth because the only thin strong paper I had to hand on Sunday night was from an A4 layout pad. It does mean that the wet layers are quite easy to manipulate which is an advantage.


  1. They look very successful from here Jac! Can you share how you make your book cloth? It suddenly struck me as I read that it was possible to do and now my mind is thinking yes!

    1. My method is a mix up of things I read on the web but I'm hooked now so when I make a new batch I'll document and post it


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