Saturday, 13 June 2015

Gum Arabic Again

In between enjoying a new grandson at home and going to Skye for a very waterlogged week with the old one I somehow haven’t got round to posting recently.

I’ve been exploring gum arabic printing further with some larger prints.
(The scanner seems to have leeched all the colour out of the following ones)
(it took a while to get the pressure right) 
 And more colour separations
 (this is a larger better version of earlier experiments)

I‘ve also been building on the collagraph work I did for ‘Fragments’ and have been designing a larger, more complicated  block which I hope to print later on this week.


  1. Those colour separations work really well Jac. I think you have this technique off to a fine art by now.

  2. I think its getting there. Its an interesting technique for one or two final images but I can't see me doing a large edition with it


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