Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Different Paper

I’m thinking of making this as a scroll inside a book or box so I started to experiment with the structure.
Cartridge paper is far too springy for what I had in mind and for once the internet doesn’t seem to have any helpful suggestions for paper type or weight.
I went looking through my stuff for something more malleable than cartridge, less fragile than tissue and in long enough lengths that I won’t have to piece it.
I found interfacing...
(it takes the ink much better than I thought but needs a backing paper to read clearly. Probably not what I need for this project but definitely something to come back to)
...and rice paper from a long ago experiment with Chinese calligraphy.
I thought the lack of size in the paper might be a problem with such a wet process but it seems OK. 

Next step 4 colours, and trying to print with a master and on paper that are both too long for the press bed.


  1. These are fascinating experiments Jac. I love the clarity of the cartridge paper images but understand what you're saying about the springiness of it. What about sealing the interfacing with matte medium or a digital ground before the gum arabic printing to retain the flexibility of it but increase its ink holding property? I always find rice paper too absorbent but Masa paper from Lawrences has a clear side for sharp printing. Might need laminating to something else though for stability. Shall be interested to see what you opt for!

    1. I need to invest in some digital ground it'll give me more flexibility with the printer.
      Thanks for suggesting Masa paper I'd never heard of it before but having looked it up on the web I'm going to order some to play with.
      In the end, for this project, I've ended up going digital on cartridge

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