Saturday, 22 October 2016

More text

I want to incorporate more text into my images so I decided to explore press n peel again as a method of transferring a resist to aluminium plate.  
I was rather please with the results
Just sepia ink...
And with chine colle...
And with a stencil relief rainbow roll...
I decided to use one of the plates for my entry for the 20/20 print exchange. I’m half way there and very fed up of tissue paper butterflies!


  1. Looks like a huge success Jac! I have never heard of this and need to explore! Anything that can get lettering into printmaking's a fine thing. Wishing you well with those tissue paper butterflies!

    1. It's a method I found on the net that seems to be used primarily by people making printed circuit boards. You photocopy or laser print the circuit or in my case the design/text onto the press n peel and then transfer it to the metal using an iron. The faults need touching in but if they are small you can use permanent marker for this. I'm going to be using more of it in future.

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