Saturday, 7 October 2017


I'm way overdue with my contribution to Collaborative Artists Books (# 19 Nature). But I've finaly designed..
 and made the plate..
Normally I wouldn't use die cut pieces, however for this book I wanted the precision that die cutting would give me.


  1. Hi Jac

    I always appreciate reading your blogs................I like the way you have made this printmaking "plate". Is it just made from e.g. cardboard /mount-board and then varnished?

    It does look VERY precise.

    When you say "die-cut" it that you had them laser cut ? or 'ready made' although I don't imagine that you would want to do that for your own art work (as I wouldn't). Too boring those perfect looking bees. Mind you - thats only my opinion.........It could be the case that the bees being perfect and precise, might be part of what you are communicating.........anyway hope the book goes well.

    bye for now

    Aine xx

    1. The plate is mountboard and cardboard. I've painted the board to give some texture in the background.

      The hexagons and bees are cut using crafters dies (between thin plastic cutting boards in the press). I wouldn't normally use premade's but I wanted exact shapes.

      The bees needed to be the same so that no one of them attracted the eye and took precedence, they represent different groups within a city society- see blurb that will go with the finished book.(But in the inking one of them has lost half a leg so they have not stayed completely identical)

      The same size bees on the same size hexes was boring so the hexes needed to change. They have to be exact because if they get slightly off as they get smaller it becomes cumlative over a 65 cm plate.


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