Thursday, 12 September 2019

Teetotal Finished

At least it’s almost finished. I want to put this artists’ book into two exhibitions that are on at the same time so I need to print off and assemble another set of puppets, book and box. I also need to work out a way of exhibiting the puppets so that the strings can be pulled but at the same time stop too much manhandling.
But the exhibitions aren’t until the beginning of October so there’s time.

I also want to do some printing before then

I’ve been working on a set of images that can be framed in off the shelf sized frames. My cunning plan is that I can have a set of frames that go from exhibition to exhibition and just change the prints that are in them. Saves on cost and takes a lot less room in storage.

So far I have linear sketches. I’m going to use these play and experiment with over the next few weeks with monoprint, etching and collagraph.

In the meantime should you want to read the text of Gentleman Jim you can click here

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