Monday, 4 May 2020

Mock ups

I started work on two new books this week. One is for are the ‘you book enough’ challenge. This month’s theme is ‘Break’. I wasn’t going to do one this month but while I was fiddling with ideas for the other book I had an idea.
‘Break in/Breakout’ a sort of dos a dos book. Unfortunately at the moment I envisage it bound in white leather with gold tooling and heavy embossed paper on the inside. This isn’t going to happen.  I haven’t got the skills. A less sumptuous version hopefully will eventually arrive.

The other book is for Artists Collaborative Book 3.0 #22 Isolation. I fiddled with various sizes and arrangements of cells and the final mock up with the figure just arrived.
 Usually I have some idea of how I want a book to look when I get to this stage but I’m not sure at all with this one. I’ll experiment and see what happens. At the moment, because the paper needs to be double sided, I’m thinking monoprint. 
But here is another complication. Normally for a concertina like this I’d  print the pieces in two sheets but I can’t get to Hot Bed at the moment and my press at home is only small so I’m going to have to consider joins which makes the inking/construction more difficult.
And it also has to be editioned.  I usually do about 10 for this group so I need to keep the process fairly streamlined.


  1. I love the notion of white leather and gold - and shall imagine it finished that way for fun! You have been busy and doing loads within restrictions which is very impressive. I like how one idea leads to another...

  2. looks complicated. Eager to see the end result !


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