Sunday, 9 December 2012

Its behind you

Just a quick note to say that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. A combination of work (which I won't go into) and Panto have meant that the book making has had to be slotted into the odd half hour here and there.(Although I have solved the problem of how to assemble 'Where the dead live' I have not photographed it yet. And poor old Rapunzel is still sitting here waiting to be wrapped and put into the post.)

There was particularly heavy family involvement in all aspects of Panto this year. My daughter and husband wrote it, my 'adopted' daughter and my husband co-directed it, she also produced it, and all three of them were in it. I painted sets and scenery like a mad woman. (This makes it seem like just a family affair, it wasn't. Its amazing how much work and how many people it take to put on something like this)

However it was the last night last night which means we all get our lives back until we forget the pain and volunteer for the next production.

In the meantime in the absence of book related images I give you "Wind in the Willows - The Panto"

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  1. Hi Jac,it sounds wonderful to have the family involved in the panto, and you must feel pleased your books are virtually finished apart from photographing and posting.


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