Friday, 14 December 2012

Finally Finished!

Well nearly.

I managed to solve the problem of how to assemble "Where the dead live" a couple of weeks ago.

Earlier this week spurred on by Sara's post on BAO, I finished two copies of "Dead" to parcel up and send to her, along with two copies of Rapunzel, hoping to meet the January deadline.

I have now finished assembling the rest of the edition. I can't quite believe it. These two books have occupied me on and off for a year now. I’ve learned a lot through the process and am looking forward to the next challenge.

 I am going to wait until the New Year to send out the rest of the books. I think they’ve more chance of not getting lost and arriving undamaged if I send them after the Christmas post (so more detailed images will have to wait)

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  1. So looking forward to Rapunzel Jac - your process had been a wonder to follow...


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