Wednesday, 2 January 2013

An electronic sketchbook?

I’m not a sketchbook person.

Or rather, I’m not good at keeping a sketchbook going, although I do keep trying. I love the idea of them.  I collect all manner of shapes and types of them. But think I suffer from a strange book phobia. At first I’m frightened of starting the book, all that clean potential, in case I spoil it. Then if the first few pages are successful I get even worse - what if I spoil it now!

I tend to work best on bits of paper that I can spread out so it doesn’t matter what I do to the separate pieces. Then, when a project is finished, I keep one or two bits that I think I might find useful in future and bin the rest.  The problem with this approach is that there’s no record left at the end of how I got there, and ideas for future developments get lost.

Looking back over this year’s posts I’m finding things I’d forgotten I’d done and it’s jogging my memory about things I thought I’d like to revisit. I wasn’t sure about blogging when I started but I think it might be filling a gap in the way I work.

(Except, strangely enough for life drawing, for that I’m quite happy to work away in a sketchbook until the end then just start a new one.)

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