Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nearly there?

Did I say 'Rapunzel' was ready to print?

3 more tweaks, two more dummies and the artwork is finally finished! Happily the printer likes this version and has given me sets of prints that match, whose colours I like and without any banding.

Not only that but I've almost finished another page for 'Where the dead live'. They only need the layers putting together, although burning the edges has made the whole house smell like I lit a bonfire in my workroom.

Now all I need to do is work out how to put this book together!

Earlier this month I received a great concertina book from Estelle in South Africa. I'll post pictures when she reveals all on Book Art Object

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Time to catch up

Its half way through half term and I've had chance to put some sustained effort into my books.

I've almost finished two more sets of pages for 'Where the Dead Live'.  Joe's Cup is done, and I've only got one and a half of Alice Harrison to do.

This means just two more pages to go. For one of them I want to use the idea of seed pods and the blue commemorative plaques that we put up on buildings in the UK for interesting or famous people associated with them, but I haven't decided yet how to do this yet. Nor have I worked out how I'm going to put the pages together in the final structure.

Rapunzel is changing again. I originally thought it would be hand printed in black and white, responding to Beardsley and Arts and Crafts woodcuts/early book illustrations. When I decided to print digitally I tried to include the textures and colours of old paper and faded inks. These worked well on screen but either wouldn't output as I wanted (inkjet printer) or flaked when I folded the the print (laser printer). This week I started playing with the colours and altering the way the layers blend. It has resulted in a much more colourful image than I intended, and its more complicated than the original drawing, but I like it. However I still have to get the printer to give me at least ten uniform versions!)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

How time flies.....

I can't believe its been so long since my last post. Term has started with a vengeance and so have panto preparations. This year we are doing "Wind in the willows". I really enjoy painting the backdrops, how often do you get to paint on 20ft  by 10 ft canvases.

I've been trying to persuade the printer to cooperate with Photoshop and print the colors I want for "Rapunzel". I think I've made progress and am going to risk a final dummy before hopefully printing out the whole edition.(Have I said this before!)

I've  been thinking about how to construct "Where the dead live". I want the pages to hang from the support. I have been experimenting with stitching through the pages and using eyelets.

I've been considering whether it is possible to respond to the idea of a locket as a repository for memories and using jewelery findings as part of the structure.

I thought about using metal leaf to gild or part gild the cover but couldn't find any stockists locally (I don't want to make a major internet purchase if I won't use it). Silver paint just looked awful. I'm holding fire on this until I've been to the Manchester Book Fair on Saturday I'm hoping one of the suppliers there will have something to inspire me.