Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gelli plate letters

I was given a Gelli plate for Christmas so I’ve decided to use it for my first ALAW 2014 alphabet.
 I’ve never used one before so I want to keep it simple. 
 I’m exploring how stylised a letter can be or how little of it do you need to see in order for it to be readable as that letter. I’m going to use these positive/negative shapes to create 26 abstract prints.
I’ve not decided yet how I’ll put them together.
 These last two are close to what I want - shame the Y is the wrong way round.

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  1. Hello Jac, I have just read your reply to my blog and I really like these Gelli prints. They are lovely clear colours and letters look interesting, what a great project too. I have read about it before but never committed myself to it.


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