Sunday, 9 February 2014


I came across the acetates I’d made for solar printing the other day. I liked the way you could see through the clear parts to the image behind.
Starting by making some smaller inkjet prints on acetate I decided that the ink side of the print needs protecting. It is susceptible to scratching but also feels slightly sticky because of the layer of ‘stuff’ on the film that the ink sticks too.
As I started to arrange and play with the order it occurred to me that if they were thicker they might resemble the glass plate negatives that some of the original photos will have been produced on. I cannot print directly onto perspex so I have been experimenting with layering ink jet prints (on acetate) with other materials to give a more substantial feel.
Inkjet transfer print wasn’t successful onto a nonporous surface and using gel medium to stick the print to a substrate leaves drying marks, the gel is difficult to spread absolutely evenly and because it is encased between two plastic layers it doesn’t dry well. Stuck to a flexible material it also peels away, not good for a book structure
Laminating the acetate seems to be the most successful method so far. They aren’t as thick as I’d like but they will stand independently.  I think I can do something with these.


  1. Jac, it all looks marvellous. Love, love, love the transparency and the imagery.

  2. I need to develop more images, I've repeated some for the mock up, but I think I've finally found my way into this project (Is that tempting fate?)

  3. What about transferring onto perspex with gel medium from the inkjet transparency, or does that make it cloudy? Whatever you choose, the idea is fabulous!

    1. I tried it but the ink seemed loath to stick to the medium and leave the acetate. I might try it with different brands and see if this makes a difference

  4. love where this is going Jac - I too am working in one of my Personal Histories ideas, with family photos and portraits back to the mid 1700's. I am printing some images onto old tracing paper and crumpling them and the ages effect is looking quite good. I like the way your transparencies render the images aged ...almost like the old photographs done on glass.

  5. Your solution looks good Jac - strong, yet still allowing the transparencies to feel light...


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