Sunday, 14 September 2014

Gum Arabic Again

I can’t seem to leave the photo album alone. I think I’ve done all I want to for the time being on transparent  images...
 but I still keep playing with layering in photoshop. 

I’ve decided to explore gum arabic transfer printing with these images (I’ve done bits in the past but they are a bit hit and miss).
I wanted to persevere with my old mono laser printer to generate the paper image. In the past I’ve not had much success and have had to keep going round to the corner shop to use their very old photocopier –it can end up being very expensive and in winter you can get very wet!
Eventually I’ve managed some reasonable monochromatic prints. The next step is to start exploring layering different colours and transparencies of ink


  1. I love gum arabic prints and it really works for the ethereal look to these old photographs They are great and you'll have fun with four colour separation. I only tried it once and it worked OK so I must do it again. Have fun with it.

    1. I'm working up to that. The problem with the monochromatic old photos that I'm using is the colour is similar across the image. I need to move up to the 70's photos in the collection

  2. Your explorations are always so intriguing with such beautiful results. I have only had so-so success with gum arabic, but I was probably not doing it right! Have fun.

  3. I think it very much depends on the printer/photocopier. I've tried it with copies from a new high tech laser printer at work and the photocopier from the corner shop (which is so old half the instruction screen doesn't light up any more). The images from the old photocopier work well, but I cannot get good images from prints from the new printer.


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