Thursday, 18 September 2014


I’ve started to explore overlapping colour. I’ve used the whole image on both layers of some and only parts of the image on the second layer of others.
I like these prints where the same image has been repeated in both colours of ink

The others I'm not as happy with. Being selective with the second layer has possibilities although the areas that have only got one colour of ink look thin in comparison to the rest. I think I would like to try three colours making sure that all areas have at least two colours of ink.


  1. Fascinating! I think 1 and 3 look the strongest and most interesting; the layering adds real strength and dimensionality (? is that even a word) to the work. Go well!

  2. I agree the layeres images are much stronger than the single colour prints. I'm starting to explore layers of red, yellow and blue which I'll post soon


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