Sunday, 5 July 2015

More exploring

Now I think I can fairly reliably make a straightforward gum arabic print I want to push the boundaries a little. I’ve started to experiment using the technique to combine images (with a view to adding text for book projects) and  to print my own drawings.

Combining  photographic images
I like the torn effect and the layering but I’ll need to work out how to incorporate the coloured ‘plate tone’ in the negative space into the design if I’m going to use this technique for text  (unless anyone out there knows how to get rid of all the ink on the white of the plate).

I made 3 plates exploring hand drawn and computer generated marks using a combination of drawing, scanning and Photoshop for a three colour print.

This one was nearly A4, a bit difficult to register with soggy paper plates.
This second one  I printed the image plates smaller on the laser printer to make it easier to handle These experiments are more about the mark making and layering than the colour palette. They are a bit garish.
I do like the ghost print made from the last plate. It doesn't photograph well. The print is delicate in colour but the drawing lines are also visible. The paper plate lifted colour as it was printed the first time and then offset it when I ran it through the press a second time.
It will take more time but I think there are definite possibilities with this way of working


  1. Jac, I don't know if you already do this, but I was taught this technique by my friend Sue and it always works. Once the ink is rolled onto the photocopy it is placed on a piece of plexiglass and targeted with water from a plant spray bottle. The sharp directional spray allows you to blast the ink away from the white parts and keep going until it is relatively clean. You can't get it perfectly white but it will be a lot cleaner that not doing it. The plexiglass sheet needs to be in a sink or in a bowl as the spray bottle sends bits of oil paint everywhere!

    1. Thanks. I normally wipe with a wet sponge. I'll try spraying next time


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