Thursday, 29 June 2017

Considering technique

Initially I thought if I made the pages using a mixture of techniques it would give variety and could also have the appearance of ‘notes’ being collected from different sources.

 I started with acrylic painting, monoprinting, collagraph and adding text with gum arabic transfer
Having put the examples side by side I think using multiple techniques would lack cohesion. Also I didn’t like the ‘feel’ of the heavily inked monoprints and for a book I think the feel is important.

So now I’m thinking of mainly using acrylics and adding the text and some details  with gum arabic transfer. Using modern materials works with the concept of the book, and, considering the number of pages I’ll need to do, the drying times compared with multiple layers of oil based inks seems like a good option.
 I can incorporate both painting and monoprint with this. I can also add an element of mixed media into the images if it seems right.


  1. This is like listening to you think out loud Jac and I feel like I'm stood by your side, nodding in agreement with you. Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

    1. I anticipate an awful lot more changing my mind before this thing is finished

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