Sunday, 17 September 2017

Aquatint Workshop

I still can’t lean over or sit at a table to work but last weekend I did manage to get to a workshop run by Kate Desforges at HBP that I’d booked weeks ago - aluminium and zinc etching in copper sulphate. I use copper sulphate with aluminium already because aluminium etches to give tone, but I hadn’t used it with zinc before, and I have wanted to learn how to aquatint for ages.

So by working on the tops of various cupboards and plan chests and using the press whose wheel rotated highest from the floor it was possible without bending too much.

I managed to make sandpaper texture with this very deeply bitten aquatint
My aluminium etchings were better but I was back in my comfort zone for those.
The 20 20 print exchange happens in November. I think I want to explore using aquatinr for that so I'll have to get back to printmaking regularly as soon as possible


  1. I am feeling the pain from here. It sounds like a workshop demanded big coping strategies in order to achieve an end result but those prints look good. I've used zinc a couple of times but tend to stick to aluminium to work with. You always do posts that nudge me to get more variety in my processes! Thank you for the reminder.

    1. I think aluminium is easier but you can get proper whites using zinc. I think I need to see if I cam make it work for me


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