Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Asemic Writing

I’ve started work on book number 21 for Collaborative Artists Books 3.0. Our title for this one is asemic writing.

I’ve been thinking about how to define it for the purpose of this book. To me it seems to be a set of purposeful marks that look like a system/code to convey language, which adopt the mark making conventions of pictogram or script in terms of shapes, grouping and direction of travel. Generally the groups of marks appear to have a stylistic coherence.

The books themselves will be 15cm x 10.5cm(postcard sized) when folded so I’ve decided to start by playing with materials and forms, making samples and mounting them on postcards. When I’ve finished I’ll bind these into a book as a sketchbook record of how I got on.

First record cards
It's much more difficult than you’d think


  1. looks terribly difficult indeed !

  2. also check this blog for more info on asemic writing: Sometimes you can find lovely examples there !


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