Tuesday, 1 January 2019


At one of the November meetings of the Art Society we launched our new project/competition, “Every line, every shadow, every shape, every curve (and every colour)”.
Jill Reidy, a Blackpool photographer, came to show us how she uses these elements in her work and she kindly agreed to let us use the photos from her presentation as a starting point for our own  responses.

I chose this image (follow this link if you want to see more of her work).
I think probably because it reminded me of a painting I made years ago based on this, and similar, photos I took of the pier and prom.
I like the long thin structure of the pier so I decided to make a series of long thin studies from my old photos. I deconstructed a book I’d made out of leftover edges of printing paper (it seemed the right proportions) and started to play with media.
And then added other responses on the back.
I finished rebinding the book this afternoon.

 It’s a sketchbook not my final response, but it is helping me see the possibilities.
 On Boxing Day we made a trip to Blackpool to get some more up to date photos of the ironwork structure. The tide was in so that scuppered that idea but the light was beautiful and moody. 


  1. look like a fun project and the result is great !

  2. I'm enjoying playing. I've got until the end of February to see where it ends up


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