Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Asemic Printing

Having decided that hand writing was not the way to go I decided that I needed to experiment a bit with the letters and how I wanted to build the plate.

Tape grid and textured acrylic. I need to be careful not to make the paint pattern too dense.
Torn tape and textured wallpaper. The wallpaper is very difficult to wipe.
Tape grid, wallpaper, acrylic and tape. The differences in height make this difficult to wipe the darks without getting the lights too light.
Textured mount board with different tapes. Unfortunately the texture shows through everything.
This was just an experiment to see how it would work while I had ink mixed. I’d been reading here about using aluminium heating tape over the top of textures. I think this has real possibilities but unfortunately the tape I have is too narrow for the letterforms I need for the book size.
And most importantaly of all this week, on a family note we were delighted to meet grandchild number five this week. Welcome to the world Lily.


  1. nice of you to show the different 'steps' in the process. And of course: congratulations with Lily !

  2. I am as ever, in awe o your collagraphy skills!


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