Sunday, 26 May 2019

New projects

We’ve been away in Northumberland for a week, lots of ruins, beaches and reading.
 Before we went away I finished off most outstanding projects.  (The only thing left was the Bodleian book which is still limping along, vey slowly)

So now I’m at the starting point of several different things which tends to mean lots of fiddling but nothing quite gelling yet.

Sketches considering composition for combining monoprint and drypoint/collagraph
Followed by monoprinting, to explore colour combinations and mark making
 A starting point for the NWBA title for July’s meeting “recycled, reused”
And purely in the research stage I’ve also got an idea brewing for for a letterpress/broadside print and research on the go for the Lancashire Archives /creative writers/visual artist annual joint project. The title this year is “Teetotal” (The Victorian temperance movement in the UK had its roots in Preston).

I like this stage where everything is a possibility but none of the problems have yet arisen

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