Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Some development

Things are developing but they seem to be going quite slowly.
The recycle/reuse themed book for NWBA (which has to be finished for Saturday) now has words
And I’ve a final idea of how the images will fit together.
The teetotal project seemed to be taking one step forward and then another step back.

I’ve been making charcoal studies of sections of Victorian illustrations these two are from Cruikshank’s ‘The Bottle’ and Harry Furness’ ‘Tale of Two Cities’.
Then using my drawings as the basis for monoprints.
I don’t like these as much as my invented lady, child and doll in a teapot. I think that is partly down to the colour, I much prefer the lady’s more subtle palette.
They are a bit unsubtly didactic, but then again so is the teetotal literature I’m reading as part of my research.

However, this morning I had a bit of an idea about how to make this into more than just a set of strange monoprints but I need to do a bit more thinking and scribbling to see if it will work.

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  1. you'll get there...and the result will be lovely!


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