Saturday, 28 April 2012

Moving forward

I have made a set of test prints from the lino trying out some different weight papers and using both the press and hand printing. On the heavier weight paper, which I think I’ll need to use to give the book substance, the press works best.

Apart from the halos left by bits of lino stuck in the ink, the offset print from the first block is interesting, and has future possibilities but not for an edition!

The composition isn’t finished yet. I need a compromise between the plain wall between the women and the fussy wallpaper. I also need to make the back of the prince’s head visible.

There are also some things I need to resolve with the carving. I think the trees should use some of the carving marks for texture so these need enhancing in future. The faces will need to be clear of marks unless I can use some on the witch to suggest wrinkles. I also need to work out how to cut some of the smaller more delicate details.

I went to a Japanese woodcut workshop last weekend at the Hot Bed Press. Very interesting. I’m not posting images – I learned a lot for future reference but nothing I’d want to show.  I could carve finer detail though using wood.....
Did I say I wasn’t going to do Rapunzel as a wood cut? I’m sure I’ve got some small bits of plywood somewhere.

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