Saturday, 15 August 2015

More collagraph experiments

We’ve been away for a few weeks staying with friends so Simon Brown’s plate hasn’t progressed much further.

I want to expand the range of mark making I’m achieving with collagraphs beyond tape and cutting and sticking, and when we arrived back home I wanted a quick project to get me into the studio again, so out came the tile cement.

Impressing, stencilling (I might turn these half cleaned plates into book covers)......
and experimenting with viscosity inking.


  1. Tile cement is completely new to me Jac, but it makes great sense! Is it right to assume you apply it to grey board or something as a backing, and then make your marks in it and then wait for it to dry? New worlds could open up...go well.

    1. I put it onto mountboard but I think grey board or anything similar should work. You can build it up in thin layers and use stencils or you can inpress things into it. Textured wallpaper and coins work well if you grease them before you press into the surface and leave them there while the cement dries

  2. Gorgeous, those half cleaned plates! Tile cement is on my shopping list, gotta try this...

  3. Pollyfilla mixed with a 50:50 mix of PVA and water works as well and dries a pristine white which takes colour well if you just want to play with the textured surface though I'm not sure about printing from it


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