Friday, 24 February 2017

More creatures

I’m still spending most of the time at my parent’s house so making is limited to what I can do on their dining table. I still like the idea of making a book with my strange creatures, and I have an experimental idea in mind, but I’ll need my workroom for that. So, in the meantime I’m doing some artwork for a smaller book which may be used as an artist’s statement to go alongside the seascape print.
I’ve been experimenting with different colour media and I think I’m going to go with gouache and pen with some inktense crayon for details.
 I think the seaboar may have to lose the orange wig in the final painting.


  1. They are truly fantastic and fabulous Jac - it took me a while, but I get the orange wig reference and must say I agree; altho it would be a marker of our times if you look back upon the work...

  2. The idea I'm considering for the book for the Sandy gallery entry will entail a very long thin print and I dont think I have access to a press with a bed long enough. So it may have to be a digital print. That has the advantage of the option of two versions, one with the wig.


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