Thursday, 2 March 2017

Print Experiments

Spending so much time at my parents means producing work has slowed down quite a bit so I’ve given myself an extension for February’s Bakers dozen book. I hope to finish it by next week.

But over the past few days I have managed to do some experiments prints with trace monoprint, exploring possibilities for the map beasts book....

and also with text, considering drypoint and monoprint...

and collagraph.
For some reason the mountboard wouldn’t peel smoothly so it didn’t make a good enough plate for an edition but it’s OK for experimenting on.  I was undecided whether to glue the plastic with the text on before or after I shellacked the plate because I was worried about the ink collecting under the plastic and blotching as it went through the press. In the end I sealed and inked the collagraph plate and the text piece separately and just laid the text on the surface of the collagraph before pressing. The ink on the collagraph seemed to be tacky enough to hold it in place.


  1. Love your trace monoprints. Seems to have the perfect "look" for sea monsters.

    1. Glad yoy like them. They work individualy on a small scale but I'm struggling to get them consistent combining them on a larger piece


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