Thursday, 16 March 2017


Fiona mentioned in her blog that she had been using a circle cutter which works without puncturing a hole in the centres. I didn’t know such a thing existed but having heard about it I wanted to try one out.

I started cutting up bits of old gelli print. The complete circles are great and I have an idea in mind for them but what caught my eye were the ones where the paper shifted and I’d abandoned the cut. I realised I’d made flaps.
 Which led to more playing on scrap white paper to look at structures and flaps.
 Which led to this..
 and this.
I liked the back where the pages interlock.
So I put a clear plastic cover on to protect it. Then made another with a shaped front. 
 Which led to shaping the flaps on the left side.
 I’m thinking about making a finished version of each. I’m not sure about content yet. The interlocking circles, which allow the viewer to see a tiny bit of the next circle, seem to be relating to each other.
While the version with the rectangle flaps, which hide all of what is behind, Has a different rhythm. It feels more stop/start.
 I'm looking forward to playing with it a bit more.


  1. Amazing new structures. Can you show a photo of the cutter?It looks like a worthwhile tool to invest in.

    1. Glad you like them. I'll send you the link for the cutter

  2. Clever. I love those moments when a potential error turns into an amazing opportunity.

    1. I am now trying to print circle based papers to make a book out of. I think I'm starting to get obsessed

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