Sunday, 19 March 2017

And more circles

I’m hooked on this construction. I’ve been playing with the loose edges of the cover.  With the centre piece wrapped round and tucked inside it holds them together
 If it is cut level with the other pieces it allows them to fan slightly.
I’m thinking that I could hide the unspoken thoughts that went alongside a conversation in the main body of the book in here 

I’ve been shaping the covers 
 And changing the shapes of the flaps
I like the asymmetry of the original idea but wondered what would happen if I repeated the interweaving on both sides. 
 It’s a whole new book.
The circles reminded me of the different hemispheres and the lines on the flaps (which are purely accidental, they are from old templates for panto stuff) look like contours.
I think I may have found my way back to the Wayfarers book


  1. What fabulous play and exploration JaC! How cool to discover circles are such fun. The book is looking beautiful and has so much potential...

    1. Thank you for introducing me to such a useful tool, until I read your blog the other day I didn't know that you could get a gadget that would cut a circle without a hole in the middle.

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