Sunday, 28 May 2017

And back again

It began as a book, started to become a set of three multi-layered images and turned back into a book.

I made a set of prints, of each block of text and images in both brown and blue on gauze. I already had a set of brown on cotton for the back.

The gauze that I bought wasn’t as fine as the original stuff so when I put two layers over the back image they obscured it too much. As  I started to layer the gauzes to see what I could do with them it started turning back into a book with the cotton as a cover.

I initially thought I’d join them a Japanese stab binding, something that looked a bit like blanket stitch, but even that was too obtrusive so I settled for a simple backstitch.

 I wanted the womans words to ghost through the images.

At the moment the edges are a bit too clean cut but they are fraying each time I turn the pages and with time they should soften up nicely.

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  1. I LOVE everything about this - the concept, the colours, I'd love to read the words, to feel the pages, and I love the idea the edges will fray... Such an allegory of time, and memory, and living life itself...
    Just gorgeous!!


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