Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Holiday books

We’ve been away for the past couple of weeks visiting friends in France.
It was a lovely quiet visit with large parts of it spent in Mary’s studio.
I took the gelli plate with me and made books.

A double sided palm leaf book using lace and letter stencils...
 and one using lace and leaves from the bushes around the studio
An interlocking double sided accordian book
A piano hinge book using my cleaning scrap paper for the pages and adding some of the leaves I used for stencilling and texturing prints
Two woven books using leaves as stencils and for texture


  1. Gosh Jac you were printing for England here by the looks of it. What a fantastic variety of ways to use all the prints too. I have not made a palm book for many years and had forgotten them altogether but it really does showcase your prints effectively so I might take up that idea myself if you don't mind? You know I've been monoprinting those bookmarks (thanks for your comment) and putting them together in book form would be a great way to secure them.
    You are so productive. How I wish I had a fraction of your energy!

  2. I really love these!! They're beautiful! And inspiring! I have lots of book works-in-progress, similarly colourful layered prints. I'll have to try some of these book forms. And,yes, you have been very productive. So impressed! Congratulations!


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