Monday, 9 April 2018

Bluebeard's Wives

I printed the etching this week. Before I did I thought that I’d probably work further into the image to put some tonal modelling on the puppets, but when they came off the press I decided that I didn’t want to loose the contrast with the background.
I also printed a series of double sided papers for the Collaborative Artists Book swop
and started a set of drawing for a book that I want to print using photo litho. (No images yet they are still at the very rough stage.)

Yesterday we signed up for a plot on the local allotments. When I say we, what I mean is my husband signed up and he’ll do the digging. I’m going to go along and draw. There are lots of interesting structures, sheds and green houses down there just waiting to be turned into prints.

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  1. That contrast is great! And I hope you throughly enjoy the allotments; whatever part you play...Inspiration really is everywhere!


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