Monday, 2 July 2018

Puppets and Currants

Still not a lot of art work done this month but I have been busy elsewhere.

Our production of Peter Pan finally finished on Saturday.  As a prop maker and scenery painter, married to the scriptwriter/director, it tends to take over your life especially when we had a full stage ship and a movable bed/ship/campsite to make and my solution to flying in a church hall was using puppets instead of installing trapezes’.
On the growing front this glorious weather means a bumper crop of blackcurrants, now harvested and nearly all put in the freezer (except for the ones that just happened to get turned into blackcurrant brandy and blackcurrant gin). The redcurrants are now ready to be picked.
I’ve been researching the Preston lockout and the effects of the cotton famine at the Lancashire Archives trying to find a way in for a print. Nothing visual yet but I did reprint my previous bit of letterpress, this time with the N the right way up. Thanks Fiona, it looks much better. Though I don’t think the colour is really appropriate. I used the tail end of a rainbow roll that I’d used to make a father’s day card.

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  1. Love the produce and the poster - good that you could get back to it! And I do like the N better that Love the idea of a rainbow roll as well - wow the possibilities!


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