Thursday, 13 September 2018


I’ve signed up for the 20:20 print exchange at Hot Bed. I missed lasts years exchange because I left it all until the last minute and the collagraph printing plate fell apart after eight prints.

This year I’m starting earlier and I think I’ll use a more robust plate. I’ve been etching.

A deep bite on top of a failed plate from a few months ago. I wish I could reproduce that texture.
 An attempt at etching zinc without an aquatint. I wanted a deep bite bit with not much tone so I could try viscosity etching. 
The plate didn’t behave as I expected and the etch wasn’t deep enough.
 I  reproduced the composition on aluminium so I can play with it more.
I’m going to try colour inking on this plate and I think I might try another plate developed from this composition incorporating text.

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