Sunday, 2 September 2018

Finally Finished

I’ve finally finished “Voices from the Lockout”
I had been intending to make a box covered with white cotton book cloth to house it in but decided instead to make a wrap out of recycled cotton cloth. I thought that the mills girls would probably carry their sewing wrapped in a similar fashion in order to keep it clean. 
My husband turned the scroll rods for me. The ends reference cotton bobbins from the mills.
This weekend I’ve also been to the September meeting of the North West Book Artists. We made miniature fishbone books and discussed future projects. There was a train strike and it turned into a bit of a trek getting back but it was worth it. It’s good to meet and share with other book makers. 
I also spotted an interesting book structure whilst browsing pinterest. I can’t find it again but I think it was called an Australian reverse piano hinge binding and I think it was credited to Alisa Golden (if I’ve got that wrong I appologise). I had a go at making it using some gelliprints I made last summer. 
The double spreads are cut in the middle of the centre fold and put over the mountain folds of an accordian pleated spine. They are locked in place with a strip of paper pushed through the accordian pleat.
 I like this structure. I'm thinking of adapting it for one of the NWBA projects

(I have no idea what blogger is doing to my font sizes!) 


  1. The perfect resolution for packing and presenting, and I love the attention to detail of turned bobbin-reel scrolls!

    1. Thanks. It's handy having someone in the family with skills you don't have yourself


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