Saturday, 3 November 2018

A Walk in the Woods

For the October meeting some members of the members of the NWBC met up at Harrocks Wood in Irby. Those of us who couldn’t make it to Irby have visited our own special woodland places.

The idea is to respond and produce 'REFLECTION’, a folding book, for the December meeting
I was on a course at HPB that weekend so my visit to the woods took place last week. It was half term so we had a family trip, three generations.

My woods are Brinscall Woods. I grew up in Brinscall and we played in the woods as kids. It seemed to us that they had always been there. It was only recently that I read a book ‘The farms of Brinscall Moor’ and realised that the place we played in used to be farmland which was only forested in the early 20th century.

We knew about the ruins of the big house, Heatherlea, which still had some intact walls with window openings when we were little (much of it has fallen now). But the rest of the walls which ran through the wood we just accepted as being there and didn’t give them much thought.

I want to use some of the techniques we experimented with on the October HBP course for this book and to base the prints on the photos I took on my visit in October. I also want to combine these prints with sections of 19th century maps of the route we walked and add reference to the people who used to live in these farms.

I’ve done a mock up and at the moment I’m thinking of a blizzard book. 

That’s the plan but I’ll see what happens

These are the first monoprints, just experimenting with technique.

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