Sunday, 11 November 2018

Making a start

Nothing much to see this week, it’s all preliminary work for the ‘Reflections’ book.

I’m trying to learn from the course I went on in October so rather than making one or two tight preliminary drawings with a fixed idea of where I’m going I’m trying out making a larger series of looser quick sketches on scrap paper based on the photos I took on our trip to the woods. In theory I’ll then explore the more promising ones with monoprint. This is the first half.
One of the things I need to work on is colour. In my work, if it’s not monochrome, it tends to be a bit hit and miss and often ends up rather garish. As a step in the right direction, hopefully, I’ve started by making colour samples with mixes of the printing inks I’m currently using. 
 I should finish the drawings this weekend. I'm looking forward to taking some of them into colour.

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