Friday, 6 January 2012

Some Success

First step - a trial image to see if charcoal will translate into print.

Charcoal drawing photographed, made more contrasty in photoshop and then printed on my ancient laser printer. I remember reading somewhere that you can use laser prints as well as photocopies for this process.
Not very successful - don't know if its my technique or the copy.

 Next step - trip to the corner shop with injet printout of image (and of image with text added) to see if their ancient photocopier will make better plates. This is more sucessful but still not as much detail as I wanted.

Decided to try printing the photocopy with text onto a different, smoother paper. Much better.

Spot the deliberate mistake ( I forgot to reverse the image). The text may be backwards but the finelines are printing.

The plus side of the process is that printing plates will be cheap and easily altered. I also like the slightly distressed look. The downside is having to clean up the roller and the slab in between each printing becuase the gum arabic and the transfered paper fibres make a real mess of the ink.

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  1. Jac I really like these images, plus I love seeing the process. I like the distressed look too it gives it an nice subtlety.


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