Sunday, 1 January 2012

Starting Rapunzel

Thought I'd use this 'test blog' to record the progress of Rapunzel

I started by thinking about structure. I’ve never made an edition before – simple is probably best. So I played with stab binding.

Basic. Then more decorative - thought this looked like bodice lacing or turn it 90 degrees and it’s more like ridge tiles. Can you add more to make it more like roof tiles?

If you’ve got a roof can you make the body longer-more like a tower?

How long can it be?

Need to start thinking about content. It’s no good having the most beautifully stitched roof if the content is the wrong shape

Content - Initial thoughts

· not a retelling of the original story but something with links/signifiers (hair, tower, no doors, thorns are the ones that spring to mind)

· would like to develop some kind of narrative - a storybook response should have a narrative?

· want to avoid characters - editioning a set of books is a difficult enough challenge without having to develop a set of recognisable characters

Initial sketches

I seem to be naturally drawn to working long and thin.

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