Sunday, 22 July 2012

Printing Rapunzel

I've been experimenting with gum arabic transfer to see if it is a viable way to produce the images for the book.

I prefer the brown prints to the black. Where the ink has laid a wash over the white space the black looks grubby whereas the brown seems to work as a tint.

But even though these are printed from a smaller version of the final image they are still A3 sized (in width). This is the largest my press will go. To construct the book as I want to I'd need to make the image out of two A3 prints and join them. I think it's beyond my skills using this method to reliably print the two halves at the same density of ink so that the join is not immediately obvious.

So I've been experimenting using photoshop and painted textures to try and get a simillar feel to the brown gum arabic print. 

The colour isn't quite right yet but with a bit of tweaking I think this may be the practical option.

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