Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer Holidays!

It's the first day of the summer holidays. Six whole weeks to draw, print, play, go see friends and exhibitions. I can't wait to get started (though I think to finish everything I've got planned I'm going to need to be off work until Christmas).

 I've finished the illustration for Rapunzel (I may have said that before!). It needed redrawing, rescanning and re-fiddling with in photoshop. When I'd done this and printed/constructed a rough I realised that how you 'read' the image depended on how you folded it. This meant I needed to reconsider the binding. Which meant I needed to add yet another panel. However, the drawing, with extra panel, is finally complete.

Now to work out if it is feasable to hand print an entire edition using xerox litho. Because of the size of the image it would need printing in two halves and then joining. I'm not sure if my printing skills are good enough to make that join invisible. More experiments needed I think.

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  1. Hope you enjoy your time playing and working, Jac.


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