Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Knowledge is never wasted

Deciding that I need distracting and some deadlines in this new and strange way of living  I decided to have a go at the “are you book enough?” challenge, a book a month each on a different theme.
March’s theme is Hexagon.
40 plus years ago when I was taking A levels we all had to do General Studies. It was a new qualification and the teaching at the time was a bit ad hoc. Whilst most of my friends were taught topics such as politics and local government I manage two terms of patchwork (no idea where that was supposed to fit in the syllabus) led by the RE teacher. 40 plus years on it has come in handy.
Ideally I’d have liked to use a selection of more worn looking and feminine fabrics but because I’m even avoiding shopping at the charity shop I had to use the contents of the rag bag. The only stuff in there in a suitable weight fabric were two old pairs of pyjama trousers.
The difficulty now is uploading it to the instagram group.
 I’ve also managed a bit more scarecrow painting, not finished yet. Brighter colours this time using process colours and white.

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  1. nice book and an original idea ! Be safe and take care of each other in England ! Annick


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