Monday, 30 March 2020

Little and often

Given the new normal I’m going to try and post more regularly. I’m not keeping a diary but I have taken on a lot of projects (I work best with deadlines) which hopefully will mean I make or plan something most days.

So far I’ve got three book things on the go, a NWBA collaborative project on Magellans voyage, ‘ABC’ a different NWBA project with the deadline of about 2 months and next month’s instagram challenge which is ‘machine’.

 I’ve also got work to make for two other projects that were planned for exhibitions with the Art Society on the theme of ‘Rural’ and ‘Making your Mark – a response to six women artists’ (hopefully these will go ahead sometime in the future) .

And an email arrived yesterday from the organiser of our yearly project run in conjunction with Lancashire archives who says that we are going to try and run that using virtual resources (it’s not as good as using the real thing but a lot better than nothing).

So since I finished the hexagon book for the ‘are you book enough’ challenge I’ve been thinking about ideas for ‘ABC’ and ‘Machine’ and finishing the latest set of scarecrow paintings.

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  1. wow, so much going on there ! Very excited to see !


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