Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I’ve printed, laminated, cut and drilled enough images to create an edition of 5 for Personal Histories. Now I need to bind them.

I thought I’d worked it out earlier using coptic stitch across the spine but when I made the first one I decided I didn’t like seeing the linking thread that joined the two rows of stitching. I also didn’t like the way that you could see the loose ends of the threads when they were cut off
I have been experimenting and have come up with this solution. 
I’ve also been experimenting with different threads (different colours and transparent) and have decided to use waxed linen. I like the way the star pattern appears up the spine and I can use the thread to link to the wrap around cover I’m thinking of using.
Unfortunately I’ve not got enough of the thread to do the five books so this will have to go on hold briefly while I source more

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Ruin

The Ruin, for Artists Books 3.0 ready to be posted out.

I thought it was finished a couple of weeks ago but just as I was about to put it in envelopes I decided it needed more of a cover.