Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Final stages

The prints are out of the pressing boards and are hanging to make sure they are completely dry.

I’ve been experimenting with making book cloth to for the covers.
I chose plain linen. The colour works well with both the first print and the ghost print from each inking. I’m making small pieces of cloth because the only thin strong paper I had to hand on Sunday night was from an A4 layout pad. It does mean that the wet layers are quite easy to manipulate which is an advantage.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Moving forward

I’ve been working but haven’t got much in the way of pictures to share this week.

The long collagraph plate worked - 6 prints and 6 ghosts. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph any before I put them under weights to dry.

I’ve finished the mock up for the other book I was thinking about, also using collagraphs. It’s at the scrap paper and scribbles stage, so not very pretty.

But I did cut and assemble the coloured ‘Twelve dancing princesses’ risograph prints. The offset colour looks almost deliberate when you see them all standing together. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Making the block

Eventually this will be an accordion fold book (fingers crossed).

It’s a combination of cutting into the plate and applying a heavy texture gel and a plaster/PVA/water mix. The red speckles have come off the sequin waste I’m using to make a bubble texture, I’m hoping the foil won’t print.

It needs a couple of days to dry out thoroughly then a few layers of shellac before I print it.